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Christmas Makers Market December 3 2022

This fun & very festive event runs from 9am-5pm (I'll be there until I sell out) & is located at Warehouse 100 in New Holland PA

▫️Submitting preorders for Macarons: Add the amount of dozens you're wanting to purchase in your cart. In the NOTES section, please tell me which flavors you'd like and how many of each. The price is $29.50/dozen

▫️Add promo code LOCAL to remove shipping charges. We are not shipping at this time.

▫️If possible, please pick up your preorder between 9:00am-2pm. Look for the PREORDERS sign at our stand. No need to wait in line unless you decided to purchase additional macarons that day.

▫️When you submit your preorder, your box is pre-packed, pre-paid, ready & waiting for you!! If I sell out if certain flavors, you're good because your order will already be packed up for you.

▫️Did you know that you can freeze. your macarons in an airtight container up to 2 months? Yep! They thaw on the counter in 15 minutes and are delicious! We recommend separating the flavors in ziplocks so the flavors don't linger into each other if you're freezing for an extended amount of time. This especially applies to the Peppermint swirl flavor mac.

▫️Here are the flavors I'll be baking for this event that you can choose from....

The Market flavors include:


A festive show stopper: Red and white swirled shell filled with cool & creamy peppermint filling with a hint of white chocolate.


Our most popular macaron it the homemade caramel sauce we use or the perfect balance of sweet+salty?Not sure, but it's an original and a big hit!


This is a throwback flav-one of the first flavors I ever made. It's a toasted coconut shell with whipped coconut cream and a chocolate ganache center.


(with a festive green shell)

Our original favorite but dressed in green and sprinkles instead of white this time of year.


Another crowd pleaser: Chocolate shell, homemade silky dark chocolate ganache, sea salt and drizzled with dark chocolate.


Homemade hot cocoa buttercream with a marshmallow creme center topped with a winter glitter sparkle.


Not necessarily a holiday flavor, but a superj fun and fruity one that seems to be popular with all ages.


Just like you'd expect: espresso and vanilla. So pure and simple and delicious!


A strawberry shell filled with strawberry buttercream and chocolate center, heavily drizzled in chocolate


Deep red cranberry shell filled with homemade cranberry sauce and a ring of orange zest buttercream.


Cinnamon sugar shell filled with cinnamon white chocolate whipped ganache filing

Christmas Macarons for Makers Market 12.3.222

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