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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you or will you have a store front?

At this time we do not have a brick and mortar store.  It's all custom made, just for you.  We deliver and do local meet-ups.  Treats, especially french macarons, can quickly get stale when sitting in a refrigerator case.  We want you to enjoy your treats as fresh as you possibly can!

You have seen us in the past at Makers Markets, pop up shops and vendor events. We LOVE to sell and meet you at these events and when they work into our schedule, we book a spot!

As for the future of Tara's Treats, only the Lord knows. It's been His since the beginning and that will continue! We have had different visions of where the business is headed but have chosen to grow slowly at this time in our lives.  Our young children are only young once.

Do you ship your treats?

Hopefully someday, but not at this time!

Do you sell cake pops?

I have made them in the past and I loved it, but they're so tedious and time-consuming. I've chosen to spend my time on cupcakes and macarons instead.

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order is 1 dozen cupcakes or 1 dozen macarons.  Typically this means 1 flavor.  If you have a last minute longing for treats and you email me asking what's available, you may be able to get a mixed dozen of what's extra from my orders that day!

Aren't you spelling "macaron" wrong?

Thanks for asking, nope! A macaron (mac-a-RON, "Ron like the man") is a meringue-based cookie made of almond flour, egg whites & sugar.  A macaroon (mac-a-ROON) is an entirely different cookie made of shredded coconut & sweetened condensed milk, usually drizzled in dark chocolate. 

Are all macarons safe for someone with ceilac disease?

 Macarons are made with almond flour, so they are naturally gluten free.  Almost all flavors of macarons ARE gluten free, with the exception of cookies & cream and birthday cake.  My macarons are made in the same kitchen I use for making cupcakes.  However, I use special care to be sure ingredients are kept separate.  If you have an extreme health risk to wheat, you may not want to risk it. 

Do you make wedding cakes?

 When you order cupcakes to serve at your wedding, I offer a 6" cake for bride and groom to cut.   It's a simple, delicious buttercream design.   I don't use fondant. I don't make cakes any larger than 6". (I have a very talented baker friend that I can refer you to for a wedding cake). 

How do I place an order? How do I pay?

I appreciate 2 weeks notice for your events.  I want to make sure I have proper time to plan! You can place an order by clicking the button below that says "contact." Once you hear back from me, your order will be confirmed.  Payment is due at time of pick up (With the exception of larger orders, and then I will ask for a deposit) I accept venmo, cash or personal check (made out to Tara's Treats).r

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!